Free use of University and National Library, University of Debrecen with UniPass Card

From the academic year of 2016/2017 all university students and staff members can register in the University and National Library, University of Debrecen (in Hungarian DEENK) for FREE. Services of DEENK libraries are only available with UniPass Card. Only active UniPass Card can be used as a reading card. For more information visit to the Library website.

Every UniPass Card produced later than 1 August, 2018 must be activated by its cardowner, only in this case the card can be used. After getting the Card please log in to our website with your eduID and your password and enter into your Profile. Press "CARD ACTIVATION" then give the three-digit CVV number which is under the barcode on the back of the Card. Our E-learning presentation also helps you.

If you still do not have the UniPass Card you can order one during the year at any time. The cards are produced in biweekly production. IMPORTANT: You have to upload an appropriate ID photo of you for your request to be accepted. University staff members can pick up their UniPass Cards at that university unit which they chose during the card application. About getting your card you can read more details at the ORDERING PROCESS on the website.